Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i hate politics,but......

i decided to put my obama bumpersticker on my car today.i am so tired of mccain supporters telling me how "scared" i should be about what will happen to this country if obama gets elected.a co-worker drove by my car and he decided to share his opinions.

ignorant:"that better be a mccain sticker"

me:"people like you are the reason i have decided to put this sticker on my car.i would NEVER say anything like that to you"

ignorant:"well i just hope he does not win,this country will be in biiiig trouble"this was said in a southern drawl and he drove off before i could respond.actually that was probably good because i would have probably said something mean.
i wish all the mccain people that have annoyed me would realize that:
a)obama lovers tend to be rebellious by nature and
b)by constantly preaching to us you will only make us hate you more

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