Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sage,Puttins (Puts) Natasha

Puttins Sage April 1991-July 24th,2008
Puts was born in northern California in the spring of 1991.Her original owner,Kevin Scherer,moved to Memphis and Puts was part of his cross country road trip.She reportedly drooled the whole trip-she tended to drool when she was nervous.In 1995 she became an outside cat,due to the birth of the Scherers first child and their concern about cat allergies.Kevin was my boss and asked if i wanted another cat.I had been considering adopting another because I felt my 2 year old tabby,Sadie Strange was lonely and needy.The first time I saw Puts I was stuck by her beauty and brooding and sensitive demeanor.I knew she was special.Puts was with me thru several moves in Memphis,and to Kansas City.She was responsible for the car seats in my Mazda being mismatched due to my foolish decision to let her "stretch her legs" at a rest stop.She survived a burglary in KC,where she hid in the basement until I returned home.She was right by my side during several unsuccessful relationships,job changes,and the death of my father and beloved grandmother.She smelled like grey dust.3 years ago she was diagnosed with renal disease and declined slowly but remained very excited about her food and spending time with her human mother.I always felt honored when she appeared on my bed.She was my soulmate cat and her passing has left a hole in my heart.Her sisters,Sadie Strange and L'Baby are also grieving this loss.Her final resting place will be in Ecru,Mississippi next to the grave of her great human grandmother,Ona Marie Sage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i would like to send a big shout-out to brad,who,once again,has introduced me to an in the hell does a dj mix hall and oates,ciara,sonic youth(!),and 2 live crew,just to mention a few.i am blown away.i hate "dr. laura" but i do like to listen to her show to hear how much of an idiot she is-i cringe at the way she berates these poor dumb people who ask for her advice.oh she is a horrible lady!i hate yardwork but i love my passionflower-it looks like it is from outer space.this week i have gone home and watched the first hour of "the 40 year old virgin" and laughed out loud every time.there are some truly amazing things in that movie.the lionel richie song,the asia poster,catherine keener's smile.i just love is time for me to take my antipsychotic medications-night night!

Friday, July 4, 2008


oh lordy be my current funk has resulted in a lack of any creative pursuits.seeing wall-e(even with my favorite 5 year old)did not help.waiting for all the serotonin receptors to become active again.right now,pbs(albeit fuzzy because i forgot to pay my cable bill)and my comfy bed are my primary source of comfort.i'll be back soon!this too shall pass.