Monday, August 18, 2008

belizean serendipity

until yesterday,it had been been 3 months since i had eaten the most wonderful combination of foods ever(rice and beans,stewed chicken,fried plantains,potato salad=traditional sunday dinner in belize).my friend wilhemina always gets a t shirt from wherever i travel.i don't travel much so i think she has 4 total(bahamas,grand cayman,2 from belize)she was wearing her "i love belize" shirt where she works and a lady told her that she was from belize.i met this lady last week.her family is from altun ha-the village is called "lucky strike"and she has relatives in san pedro.she invited me over for dinner yesterday and her family watched me eat and cry and exclaim the deliciousness of the food and how much it adds to my belize ennui(that is my not being there).another thing i remembered yesterday is my observation that it is typical for these very masculine and macho belizean men to admit to,and even be unashamedly proud of music that,in this country,would be considered quite sissy.when in san pedro at a bar where i was the only woman,the men were completely grooving to celine dion(?!?)yesterday the males in the family were in the garage playing pool listening(very loudly)to what i recognized as air supply's greatest hits with some leo sayer mixed in.this is yet another fascinating aspect of belizean culture.i will now remove my cultural anthropologists hat and search for my dinner tonight.sadly, it won't be rice and beans but i am looking forward to another sunday dinner with the leslie family!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

furry sings the blues

that song is playing on the jazz station.hejira always kind of bored/fascinated me at the same time-or is it off of mingus?or off the hissing of summer lawns?gee i need to brush up on my joni.....
today was interesting.a client noticed a duck sitting on some rocks near the clinic.along with much help from some guys emptying trash in a nearby dumpster,the bird was eventually taken to the nearest pond.actually,the same pond that granny took our beloved duck,bigfoot, to when he got way to big to run around(and poop)all over her house.she always enjoyed telling the story of the next time we visited that pond and we called his name,how he came running to greet us.unfortunately i have no memory of that-it was perhaps to brilliant for me to remember.
the above card was the most genuine sympathy card i have ever received.children don't mince was picked out especially for me by my favorite 6 year old.his mother said he listened to all the cards in the aisle before deciding on this plays the horrendous song kokomo,but the message is true and beautiful.he said it looks like my pictures of belize..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

see you later,isaac...

i have another example to use as to why i don't exercise.they found isaac next to his treadmill and think he died of a is sad,he was such an important part of memphis music history.i did get miffed when he quit south park.and i do think scientologists are way crazy and have little ability for self-deprecation.the serious late father installed the recording console into isaac's hi recording studio.and my dad ended up suing him,i assume because he did not pay him in full for the said that they were at a party with isaac around the time when he wore chains a lot,and that she looked across the room and saw my father standing next to isaac,who was wearing a bright green jumpsuit and lots of chains.i love this mental father dwarfed by isaac hayes.i wish someone had taken a photograph of that."hot buttered soul" will remain as one of the greatest albums,ever.

Friday, August 8, 2008

things i am scared of/other ramblings

darth vader,waking up around 3am(prime paranormal activity),
coast to coast radio show(there is this frantic sound effect music that makes me jump),death,"a haunting" show on tlc.

luther campbell of 2 live crew fame now has a reality show.the episode i saw last night showed him shopping for a computer program which would prevent his son from accessing any adult material on the internet.
oooh i loves me so 2 live crew-nasty misogynist rap is actually one of my favorite types of music-i find it entertaining and heelarious.

i voted last night in a local election.i love my poll because it is in a senior center.i enjoy looking at the posted weekly activities or studying the bridge score cards.last night i was standing behind one of those people who think that they are very funny and entertaining.i was attempting to avoid eye contact when this person got in my face and said something that rhymed,i think it was "hey man,what's the plan?"...he then proceeded to speak entirely in rhymes with a series of utterly rhetorical questions.i was very embarrassed for him.even the 90 year old ladies collecting signatures looked up at me with a "help me" expression on their faces.while in the voting booth i heard a lady raise her voice and say to someone "you just assaulted me,look at my arm,you grabbed and assaulted me" i recognized this crazy lady as someone who i had been annoyed with in a professional situation.the poor accused 90 year old stood up and yelled in her loudest voice for this lady to leave her alone and continued to argue with the aforementioned hysterical lady.what is this world coming to?poor old lady....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the embassy

this is my new apartment building.i had only been on the waiting list for a month!i figure i will be able to pay off my bills within the first year and visit belize more often then we'll see-i may move after that.the important thing is the universe is helping me out with my goal.there are a lot of elderly people in this building,and if i feel like a perm i can just mosey on down to the beauty shop!it is a new feeling to choose a new place to live based entirely on it's proximity to work(1 mile).i did not care that it's tiny,or if it had character,or if it's in a funky neighborhood.belize threw all that out tha window.

on a second note-i went to an estate sale(i don't go to many despite my curiosity because they always make me sad).anyway i was in a bedroom closet looking for treasures and spied this old shoebox up on the top shelf-it contained at least 20 packets of kleenex,circa 60's thru was so odd that one would keep a box of mini-kleenex.maybe she was prone to tears or a runny nose.i'll never know.

Friday, August 1, 2008


the second best birthday cake ever

mom has been unearthing old photos.i think this was my 8th or is clear i was about to enter a phase that my evil sibling called "the boy".this was before my first and last couple skate experience with stuart morrison(actually,there were no more after that with anyone)i was in heaven,i like to think the song we skated to was "sailing" by christopher cross,but i cannot be certain.all i know was that the glorious time was interrupted by some boys who pointed at us and exclaimed "look at those gays".i had never heard that word before but i think stuart had,as he abruptly let go of my hand and skated off into the distance.yes,my hair was short and there was no chest development of course, BUT i was wearing a yellow izod(with the little alligator-the GIRLS alligator)and an elastic rainbow belt!anyway i really want a cake like this for my 37th birthday.note odie's drool!the drool is very animated,don't you think?