Wednesday, April 30, 2008

la isla bonita

do yall know that madonna wrote that song about ambergris caye,where i am headed in about 8 hours!?it is now 10 pm and i am spending time with cleo,who seems sad because i will be gone so long.i will communicate telepathically.the explicit cat care note i wrote for my mother explains in graphic detail what she should do if my old cat ,puttins,departs from this earth while i am gone.i really hope those instructions are not may seem maudlin,but i have told my mom what to do with my remains,should i expire before she does.i want to be cremated and made into a reef ball,or wrapped in a sheet and buried in the woods somewhere.anyway i started the rant intending to tell my readers that there will be no posts until may 13th or so.until then i recommend watching some old sanford and son reruns to pass the i love you all.oh,and be sure to watch greys anatomy thursday because kenny barnett is going to be on it!yay!!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the reef

i am soon going to be in the ocean with all kinds of fish and such beautiful light filtering below the surface.i can not replicate the peace i feel when i am floating in the sea.hello to the blennys,trunkfish,puffers,groupers,damselfish,tangs,triggers,barracudas,needlenoses,grunts and last but certainly not least all my favorite are my absolute bliss.i hope to see a manta ray this time,but will be satisfied with stingrays and spotted eagle rays.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bird love

cleo is my amazing african grey parrot.this morning she was in the midst of her morning rituals when a chickadee perched on the outside of the window she is near.she looked at it and asked "is it a bird?"she has said this before but never in such a correct context.occasionally when i ask her what noise does a cat make,she will meow.i love her

Friday, April 11, 2008

another example

for all the fans of the panda cheese ball,here is a version for the more mature.same delicious cheese ball but with chocolate sprinkles and an "end result".the latter,i think,was the reason this particular cheese ball remained untouched,even at the "passion party" it was designed for.
availiable in many skin tones.also one can opt out of the sprinkles if that is your preference.
however,the female version does not give you that option.she is a "take me as god made me" cheese ball.if you think that is gross,then go make your own sanitized version of a cheese ball. jesus h. christ!

Monday, April 7, 2008

go tigers go?

my childhood activities were based on the length of basketball games.the words "double overtime" translated into "i am not taking you to the mall to buy a bananarama album today" or "we are just not going to be able to go to the miniature store to find the perfect french provencial bedroom furniture for the lundby dollhouse santa brought you 2 days ago".oh,the agony.i just called my mother and she asked,before hanging up abrupty,could she call me during halftime?it was less of a question,more of a statement.memphis state is poised to win the final four tonight.whatever that means.i am a little excited about it.not enough to watch it but it is kind of neat to hear memphis mentioned in association with this rather than murder.
on a different note i'm going home to take a mr. bubble bath-pour some in the tub,close your eyes,and you could transport yourself back to the anticipation of a night spent with granny,fashioning 'car washes' out of old shoeboxes and shredded kleenex...........

claire fisher

there are so many reasons that i adore and admire her.she struggles to understand what makes her an artist,and if she is indeed an artist.she is so sarcastic and quick.she has the most beautiful hair and skin.she is so conflicted.whoever wrote the art school experience that she had is so right great it was when she visited the campus and there was another hearse parked next to sweet that she finally found a place she belonged(for awhile).watching her try to manage to live a creative life in the midst of realistic concerns.there was a conversation she had with her aunt sarah that really hits home with me.claire had just been turned down for a grant that would provide her an escape from the real world.she was so angry and hurt and devastated.sarah suggested that "maybe she wasn't really an artist,that she once was,but maybe she was not anymore"when claire reacted strongly to this notion sarah pointed out that her reaction may not have been so powerful if claire truly believed that she was an artist.sarah likened it to if she had told claire she was purple that of course claire would be sure that she was not purple and that it was a ridiculous thing to say.she would have had laughed it off.i don't do that dialogue is an episode from season 5 called "the rainbow of her reasons".susie bright makes an appearance.more six feet under posts to follow.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

food arts

i did not spend 4 years of my life in art
school for nothin!panda cheese ball with poppyseeds and bamboo-celery.served with sociables crackers.nothing but the best!

jill scott

friday night i saw jill scott for the first is impossible for one to remain in a depressed state when you look at or listen to jill.she even designed a bra for ladies with especially large boobies!

look at how magical she is!a bottle of white wine and an evening with jill is my idea of heaven.