Friday, April 3, 2009

big time dreaming

i had an incredible dream yesterday afternoon.i dreamt that i was arriving for vacation in san pedro and was admiring this totally cute stucco house that was painted olive green and all the doorways were had heart pine floors.i loved this house and somehow i realized that my mother had secretly bought it for me using the money she had been saving since i was a baby.i was overwhelmed and full of joy so i went looking for people i knew to tell them that i was not going to have to leave,since i had a house.a man there who, in real life, had been the source of some pain and disappointment was ecstatic to see me and smiled so big i thought his face would break.the love he had for me was obvious and in the dream,i knew he was a dear and loyal friend.there were 4 people living in the downstairs part of the house and the woman offered me a choice of four food items-she had told me she was danish,so i went with the pastry.she gave me a nod and said that i had chosen wisely.i snorkeled in a little creek near my home and saw a took me a few minutes to realize it was a dream.i woke up so happy.i am believing it is a glimpse of my future life in belize.

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