Saturday, May 17, 2008

ode to one of the most wonderful evenings of my life

before my trip i had been listening obsessively to the latest cat power album.those who know me are aware that this means all the time,sometimes listening to the same song all day.for days.i was enjoying my (3rd-4th?)rum punch and feeling generally optimistic and content in general about myself and the situation i was in.that being at a bar on an island looking at the ocean and listening to the end of day ramblings by the local men who came to have a drink on their way home.these ramblings being vaguely discernable to my western ears.certain words or inflections helped me to know the general topics(women,cigarettes,alcohol,fishing,offspring).i was particularly interested in one of these men who was in control of the music.i loved the reggae he had chosen:"iron,lion,zion" by marley and a group i did not recognize that had a song about "maree wa na" that i realy liked.the breeze from the sea was picking up,as i came to expect when the sun goes down.all of a sudden i recognize the familiar strains of the first chords of "ramblin woman" as interpreted by cat power and for a minute thought i was back in my sweet blue yaris jellybean car driving around memphis and it's environs but as i jerked myself back into that moment a wondrous realization of where i was washed over me.that he loved cat power and was amazed that a)i recognized that song so quickly,and,b)i loved her music.we discussed the chills we felt with her voice and how powerful and emotional her music memory of the 4 guys at the bar with"i believe in you"playing and all of us in some kind of wonderful zone.i tried to impress them by imparting my love for teenie hodges and his work with all the stax and hi guys,and how he must have known my father(i am such a little shit name-dropper!)i ordered another drink and was just beginning all the happiness and pleasure and amazing moments to follow in the hours and days ahead.thank you-you know who you are.

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