Friday, May 16, 2008

thank you so very much

i am too sad to write that much.i am mourning for the loss of my vacation.i miss b,especially,but i also miss everyone else and the sea,the reef,aqui deli,bicycling,cokes in glass bottles,hell i even miss the daily overdosing of pink bismuth.i want to take my parrot and run back.i am having great difficulty living in the present(eckhart i'm trying!)actually i am not,i am wallowing in my beautiful memories.completely wallowing and sloshing around in them like a pig in me


Tia Chocolate said...

It is a nice camera! I needs myself one of those! Not that I get to go out much in the water...but when i's so cool to take a camera with you...looks like you had a grand time! I am glad! :)

Tia Chocolate said...

ooh...first time commenting (not) meant to say...sorry you miss da B-man...but, there's always another Vacay...and you will be back...I just know it! :)