Sunday, June 8, 2008


i have been growing my hair out for over a goal was pigtails.i have achieved that goal.the ends of the pigtails are itchy on my shoulders.i wake up in the morning and my hair looks like a bird's is very hot here and all i do is wear it up in a messy bun or ponytail.i have noticed that i have a strange shape to my head.i am getting it cut tomorrow and nothing anyone can say will stop is too hot to live in memphis and have long hair.thank you all for the support.i can always grow it back out again.i would love to shave my head but i will not do that-it would be so simple since i cannot fix or style my hair.never have been able to.not one of my's dead anyway.a big old dead nest on top of my head.....oh and if anyone wants to call and dissuade me i cannot find my cell phone so just leave a compelling message and i will listen to it and erase it and get my hair cut.....

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