Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my new favorite things

combos zesty salsa snacks-made with stone ground corn!!!they are new and pizzeria pretzel combos are now second fiddle.
the commercials on reef radio and love fm in belize-you can listen-go to reefradio.com and lovefm.com-the latter plays really amazing 70's one hit wonders-i heard "sharin the night together"-is that dr. hook?and "shadow dancin" by andy gibb in the past 10 minutes-absolute genius radio!and last but not least,feeding the turtles at audubon park-i saw at least 3 different types yesterday-they will crawl up on the bank and eat from your hand.granny and i had a terrapin named freckles.among other things,she ate mrs. weavers lunchmeat(5 packages for a dollar at pic-pac!)she lived in the unused brick barbeque pit.she smelled a little funny but we loved her until she escaped for a better life....oh and i am currently addicted to dermalogica climate control lip treatment-i am such the product whore!

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