Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i would like to send a big shout-out to brad,who,once again,has introduced me to an in the hell does a dj mix hall and oates,ciara,sonic youth(!),and 2 live crew,just to mention a few.i am blown away.i hate "dr. laura" but i do like to listen to her show to hear how much of an idiot she is-i cringe at the way she berates these poor dumb people who ask for her advice.oh she is a horrible lady!i hate yardwork but i love my passionflower-it looks like it is from outer space.this week i have gone home and watched the first hour of "the 40 year old virgin" and laughed out loud every time.there are some truly amazing things in that movie.the lionel richie song,the asia poster,catherine keener's smile.i just love is time for me to take my antipsychotic medications-night night!


Erk said...

Saw a Hobby Lobby in Maryville, TN while on vacation. Didn't pop in, but Kenneth's been singing, "Shake dat Hobby Lobby, Shake dat Hobby Lobby, gurl..." a la D4L ever since.

Exploring Belize Continues said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog.

The dogs in Belize do have a rough time. The ones in San Pedro are lucky as they rarely starve and can usually find fresh water to drink in swimming pools.

You are right about heartworm though. Most of the dogs here both have heartworm and tick fever. Strangely, some live to a ripe old age with heavy loads and others die young.

On behalf of the dogs of San Pedro we thank you for your kind thoughts and generosity.

Colette & Maya