Wednesday, April 30, 2008

la isla bonita

do yall know that madonna wrote that song about ambergris caye,where i am headed in about 8 hours!?it is now 10 pm and i am spending time with cleo,who seems sad because i will be gone so long.i will communicate telepathically.the explicit cat care note i wrote for my mother explains in graphic detail what she should do if my old cat ,puttins,departs from this earth while i am gone.i really hope those instructions are not may seem maudlin,but i have told my mom what to do with my remains,should i expire before she does.i want to be cremated and made into a reef ball,or wrapped in a sheet and buried in the woods somewhere.anyway i started the rant intending to tell my readers that there will be no posts until may 13th or so.until then i recommend watching some old sanford and son reruns to pass the i love you all.oh,and be sure to watch greys anatomy thursday because kenny barnett is going to be on it!yay!!!!!

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