Monday, March 9, 2009

i am so very very sorry,mr. boxfish

last tuesday at sunset i was walking north on the beach in san of my favorite things to do is sit on docks and watch what is going on underneath fascinating and amazing!so i had been sitting on one dock watching the fish and these people from another dock waved to me a couple of times,so i felt it would be polite to visit their dock.a local fisherman paddled his kayak up and told one man that he had conch for him.i noticed a fish in the bottom of the kayak that was beautiful and asked him why it was there.he picked it up and plopped it on the dock and announced that it was a shellfish and that it would be delicious to i looked at this fish,dying before my eyes and so very beautiful and expressive and my first instinct was to grab it and toss it back into it's,not only would the dock owners had been royally pissed but the fisherman would have been out of some money.i sat there paralyzed watching this fish,not knowing what to do.i decided to leave because i was truly very sad for this sweet fish.while drifting off to sleep that night i sat up in bed,and only wished that i had offered to BUY the fish,then i could have thrown him back.i felt bad about this for days afterwards.i took a picture of him but i felt it was morbid so i erased it.i am so sorry mr. boxfish

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