Wednesday, March 12, 2008

extreme procrastination

i have mastered it-it is truly a talent.i have an endless supply of activities to delay any chores or practical things that involve due dates or deadlines.i will share,enjoy!

+drive down to mississippi and take pictures of fields

+go to all the major thrift stores in one day looking for more pieces to add to my found embroidery collection

+i tunes(wowee!-i can work on finding the songs for my ultimate childhood pool party mix)

+dish network

+deciding to spend a majority of the evening looking at my parrot and wondering what she is thinking about

+examining my 18 year old cat,puttins,for signs of declining health-this inevitably leads to thoughts of the afterlife

+going to a forest to view the forest creatures

+renting entire seasons of hbo series,watching the entire series in one sitting and imagining i am larry david,chloe sevigny or brenda chenoweth

+imagining baking exotic cupcakes(not actually doing anything)

+seeing a movie 3 times(there will be blood takes up a good 3 hours!)

+reading the phone book,searching for strange names in dangerous parts of town

+calling those numbers to see who answers

+calling the chat lines to listen to ads,and,therefore,make myself feel better about my unattached status

+go to your grannys house and dig up iris bulbs and marvel about how she planted these bulbs 40 years ago
+watch magnolia for the 20th time(another good 3 hour movie)

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