Monday, March 10, 2008

west memphis and guatemala and dumplins

i really love lucinda williams,but i have absolutely no idea why she sings of going to west memphis to look for her joy.there ain't much joy in west memphis.there is,however, a wal mart,some apartments that look like hotels,a couple of blue beacon truck washes,and a store that sold me some great towels with a satin appliqued silhouette of a couple.i still intend to go back and get the matching toliet seat cover.the area around one of the blue beacon truck washes is where they found the poor dead boys.that whole west memphis three thing back in 1993.i do not believe they arrested the actual gulity parties,which added to my terror as i passed by the area on my way back to memphis last was all dark and spooky and i was worried the murderer was still around there.anyway i went to the cracker barrel for dinner because i love their dumplins(boiled dough)mmmmmmm!my waiter was a sweet,polite man.for some reason,i suspected he was from guatemala,it was just a feeling,i have not known many guatemalans and have no idea about specific identifying qualities.i asked him where he was from-he said guatemala!i must be a freakin' psychic.we talked about how beautiful belize is.

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