Friday, April 11, 2008

another example

for all the fans of the panda cheese ball,here is a version for the more mature.same delicious cheese ball but with chocolate sprinkles and an "end result".the latter,i think,was the reason this particular cheese ball remained untouched,even at the "passion party" it was designed for.
availiable in many skin tones.also one can opt out of the sprinkles if that is your preference.
however,the female version does not give you that option.she is a "take me as god made me" cheese ball.if you think that is gross,then go make your own sanitized version of a cheese ball. jesus h. christ!


Kagahn said...

See Please Here

Kijar said...

See Please Here

Erk said...

Should I make this recipe, I might substitute sprouts for the sprinkles. The foil is the best part: very very passion party!