Monday, April 7, 2008

claire fisher

there are so many reasons that i adore and admire her.she struggles to understand what makes her an artist,and if she is indeed an artist.she is so sarcastic and quick.she has the most beautiful hair and skin.she is so conflicted.whoever wrote the art school experience that she had is so right great it was when she visited the campus and there was another hearse parked next to sweet that she finally found a place she belonged(for awhile).watching her try to manage to live a creative life in the midst of realistic concerns.there was a conversation she had with her aunt sarah that really hits home with me.claire had just been turned down for a grant that would provide her an escape from the real world.she was so angry and hurt and devastated.sarah suggested that "maybe she wasn't really an artist,that she once was,but maybe she was not anymore"when claire reacted strongly to this notion sarah pointed out that her reaction may not have been so powerful if claire truly believed that she was an artist.sarah likened it to if she had told claire she was purple that of course claire would be sure that she was not purple and that it was a ridiculous thing to say.she would have had laughed it off.i don't do that dialogue is an episode from season 5 called "the rainbow of her reasons".susie bright makes an appearance.more six feet under posts to follow.....

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