Monday, April 7, 2008

go tigers go?

my childhood activities were based on the length of basketball games.the words "double overtime" translated into "i am not taking you to the mall to buy a bananarama album today" or "we are just not going to be able to go to the miniature store to find the perfect french provencial bedroom furniture for the lundby dollhouse santa brought you 2 days ago".oh,the agony.i just called my mother and she asked,before hanging up abrupty,could she call me during halftime?it was less of a question,more of a statement.memphis state is poised to win the final four tonight.whatever that means.i am a little excited about it.not enough to watch it but it is kind of neat to hear memphis mentioned in association with this rather than murder.
on a different note i'm going home to take a mr. bubble bath-pour some in the tub,close your eyes,and you could transport yourself back to the anticipation of a night spent with granny,fashioning 'car washes' out of old shoeboxes and shredded kleenex...........

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