Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the embassy

this is my new apartment building.i had only been on the waiting list for a month!i figure i will be able to pay off my bills within the first year and visit belize more often then we'll see-i may move after that.the important thing is the universe is helping me out with my goal.there are a lot of elderly people in this building,and if i feel like a perm i can just mosey on down to the beauty shop!it is a new feeling to choose a new place to live based entirely on it's proximity to work(1 mile).i did not care that it's tiny,or if it had character,or if it's in a funky neighborhood.belize threw all that out tha window.

on a second note-i went to an estate sale(i don't go to many despite my curiosity because they always make me sad).anyway i was in a bedroom closet looking for treasures and spied this old shoebox up on the top shelf-it contained at least 20 packets of kleenex,circa 60's thru was so odd that one would keep a box of mini-kleenex.maybe she was prone to tears or a runny nose.i'll never know.


Anonymous said...

Did you buy the kleenex?

tacogirl said...

Hope you are enjoying your new diggs.