Friday, August 1, 2008

the second best birthday cake ever

mom has been unearthing old photos.i think this was my 8th or is clear i was about to enter a phase that my evil sibling called "the boy".this was before my first and last couple skate experience with stuart morrison(actually,there were no more after that with anyone)i was in heaven,i like to think the song we skated to was "sailing" by christopher cross,but i cannot be certain.all i know was that the glorious time was interrupted by some boys who pointed at us and exclaimed "look at those gays".i had never heard that word before but i think stuart had,as he abruptly let go of my hand and skated off into the distance.yes,my hair was short and there was no chest development of course, BUT i was wearing a yellow izod(with the little alligator-the GIRLS alligator)and an elastic rainbow belt!anyway i really want a cake like this for my 37th birthday.note odie's drool!the drool is very animated,don't you think?

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Erk said...

amazing cake. amazing post. thank you for sharing this amazing stuff.