Friday, August 8, 2008

things i am scared of/other ramblings

darth vader,waking up around 3am(prime paranormal activity),
coast to coast radio show(there is this frantic sound effect music that makes me jump),death,"a haunting" show on tlc.

luther campbell of 2 live crew fame now has a reality show.the episode i saw last night showed him shopping for a computer program which would prevent his son from accessing any adult material on the internet.
oooh i loves me so 2 live crew-nasty misogynist rap is actually one of my favorite types of music-i find it entertaining and heelarious.

i voted last night in a local election.i love my poll because it is in a senior center.i enjoy looking at the posted weekly activities or studying the bridge score cards.last night i was standing behind one of those people who think that they are very funny and entertaining.i was attempting to avoid eye contact when this person got in my face and said something that rhymed,i think it was "hey man,what's the plan?"...he then proceeded to speak entirely in rhymes with a series of utterly rhetorical questions.i was very embarrassed for him.even the 90 year old ladies collecting signatures looked up at me with a "help me" expression on their faces.while in the voting booth i heard a lady raise her voice and say to someone "you just assaulted me,look at my arm,you grabbed and assaulted me" i recognized this crazy lady as someone who i had been annoyed with in a professional situation.the poor accused 90 year old stood up and yelled in her loudest voice for this lady to leave her alone and continued to argue with the aforementioned hysterical lady.what is this world coming to?poor old lady....

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