Wednesday, August 13, 2008

furry sings the blues

that song is playing on the jazz station.hejira always kind of bored/fascinated me at the same time-or is it off of mingus?or off the hissing of summer lawns?gee i need to brush up on my joni.....
today was interesting.a client noticed a duck sitting on some rocks near the clinic.along with much help from some guys emptying trash in a nearby dumpster,the bird was eventually taken to the nearest pond.actually,the same pond that granny took our beloved duck,bigfoot, to when he got way to big to run around(and poop)all over her house.she always enjoyed telling the story of the next time we visited that pond and we called his name,how he came running to greet us.unfortunately i have no memory of that-it was perhaps to brilliant for me to remember.
the above card was the most genuine sympathy card i have ever received.children don't mince was picked out especially for me by my favorite 6 year old.his mother said he listened to all the cards in the aisle before deciding on this plays the horrendous song kokomo,but the message is true and beautiful.he said it looks like my pictures of belize..

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